Henry: Trap

7 Jun

SM has their hands full of idol groups. No more. The time has finally come for SM to debut a solo artist since it’s been a while. That solo artist is none other than Super Junior M’s adorable maknae, Henry.


Henry is adorable. This is something everyone knows.

When I heard that he was getting his own solo I was shocked. Finally someone is getting a full solo album. Not just a solo feature on a OST for a drama but a real solo album.

Of course those dreams were a bit dashed when I found out that Taemin and Kyuhyun were in the song but it wasn’t that bad.

The song is seriously catchy. Even though he is singing about being in still in love with a woman who has left him I just wanna dance. It has a sad enough undertone that you feel bad but at the same time you want to root for him to overcome it. The beginning of the video tarts with what I am assuming is the intro to the album. It has Henry sitting at the piano playing his heart away. He is the picture of seriousness in this clip. After that the main song starts with Henry playing this seriously intense beat. Then you move in to a beat which features the piano; it’s not the main instrument but you can hear it running throughout the beat. There are a bunch of synthesized instruments playing over it but you still Henry’s original riff from the beginning. It’s pretty catchy. It’s a great song from him.

The Taemin and Kyuhyun features are what I’m a little unsure about. Henry could have easily carried this song without them. He didn’t need a feature to make the song catchier. I know they want as many people as possible to view the music video and make it a success but they should have let him do it alone. Afterall he is a solo artist. If anything instead of having two singers feature, one rapper could have featured and it would have made for a better outcome. It’s almost as if they really don’t trust him to sell by himself so they had to add people to the song to ensure it’s success. It would have been okay if they were just in the video as the main actors but not in the song itself. With that being said they sounded nice but they didn’t need to be there. Kyuhyun’s entrance made Henry look like a back up singer in his own video. That’s something that shouldn’t have happened but SM does what it wants.

The dance was a typical SM affair. It wasn’t too simple but it wasn’t too complicated. The part that intrigued me was when they brought out scarves. It was so random but it just gave the dance something that much more special. I liked it.

What really surprised me the most about this video was Henry’s acting. Not I take that back. What surprised me the most was that portions of this video took place OUTSIDE in the real world. Of course most of it was indoors but that doesn’t matter. There were outside scenes! I was surprised by Henry’s acting though was quite superb. He even cried for a scene. When he lashed out and started breaking things I was shocked by the intensity of it.

If SM lets him do things truly solo, I believe they can have a big star on their hands.


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