Henry-Trap: A (Mini) Album Review

9 Jun

So as I said earlier Henry is the new male solo artist for SM. I’m very excited for him. I listened to the highlight medley for this album and I can honestly say that I am genuinely looking forward to it. There were some songs that I’m anxious to hear the full versions for.

henrey with tats

The tracklist for the album:

1) Trap feat Kyuhyun & Taemin.

2) 1-4-3 (I Love You)

3) My Everything

4) Ready 2 Love

5) Holiday

6) I Would

I’m a little sad   a lot sad that they didn’t include a version of Trap that just has his voice on it alone but I supposed that is a personal gripe. They could have atleast made it available on a deluxe version. *sigh* Maybe it will be on a repackage version if they decided to do that. But I suppose that is just wishful thinking.

1-4-3 is super cute. It’s adorkable song that I feel will be really nice to hear on the way out with your friends or in a cutesy date montage in  K-Drama. The scene will have to take place at an amusement park for it to work though. He feels really easy to listen to. The song just sounds fun all around. I can’t imagine listening to this song and not having a smile on your face. It just makes me feel warm inside. The fact that he has a little rap in there makes me happy. They are showing off his diverse talents. The way he raps makes me think of the rap from 2PM’s Heartbeat. The “She’s a bad girl I know, but here I go again Oh No” part. His voice sounded similar to whoever raps that part. But just for that moment.

My Everything is another montage worthy song. I think of a guy thinking back on all the moments he’s had with a girl and realizing that he loves her. He has another rap in this song. It’s in English and it’s cute. “I’ll make your heart sing sweet like a violin”. He is really adorable. I like the way he raps. It’s not over the top and fits the song quite nicely. The style of this song really fits him. This R&B pop thing they are going for is really working. Towards the end of the song I can think about is how if they make this into a music video (which they probably won’t) there should be a camp fire scene. Where they cuddle and look up and the stars. That should be intercut with scenes of them playing on the beach earlier that day and when it transitions into night show them playing with sparklers and roasting marshmallows. Cheesy but cute. 

Ready 2 Love is a club ready song. The beat of the song is much like a pulse. It’s really vibrant without being over the top. This is a happy feeling song that you still want to dance to. It’s the type of song that you would dance with the person you’ve been eyeing all night if you were at a club or a party. Another English rap. “Are you the love of my life or are you another maybe?” I really like that line. He raps in Korean for a split second and then goes back to English. Maybe to change it up? I was about to say the format is getting a bit predictable but he mixed it up. Good thinking.

Holiday is once again another cute song. It has more of a pop rock vibe than the others but it’s still quite cute.  I can really imagine music videos for all of these songs. All of them would be so cute. This is a nice song to take a drive to. Especially if you have a car that you can let the top down in. It sounds like something that I would hear on a One Direction album. It’s very poppy. The “You’ve gotta be kidding me part” accompanied by the car crash was super cute.

I Would is a ballad! Finally. If I had to listen to another cutesy song I was going to be mad. Wait! He is singing in English. Oh they put a full song that was in English. That is so nice of them. This is cute but not like the others. His English is wonderful. I know he is Canadian. It the tone of his voice. His voice is adorable. The song is sad but still I smile. Good job to Henry on that! I bet he is probably the one playing the piano for this song.

So I had to Google this album because something irked me about the last song. It sounded quite similar to something I’d heard before. Not the song but the style of the lyrics. After reading Wikipedia I know what it is. Andrew Choi co-wrote this song. Andrew was a contestant on this past season of SBS KPOP Star. He was one of my favorites. He also helped to either write or produce Baby Don’t Cry for EXO and that is my favorite kpop song. Andrew knows his stuff so I’m glad he was able to contribute for Henry’s solo debut. I wonder if he sang guide for this…

Overall this album was solid. I’m glad Trap was the song they decided to go with for the single. The others are cute but that’s all. Cute. Since it is summer many people are coming out with cute songs and he needed to stand out. They did the right thing with this. I wasn’t expecting the whole album to be about love but once I saw the track list I knew. The one word that would describe this album is cute. They played it safe with this so hopefully once they establish the fact that Henry is already popular enough for them to take risks, they can do something more adventurous for his next album. Hopefully not something as formulaic as sing, rap in English, and then sing again.  Only time will tell but not bad for a debut album. Not bad at all.


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