Kang Seung Yoon: It Rains

25 Jul

Fresh Meat! More importantly fresh meat from YG!

So this guy Kang Seung Yoon was on a singing show much like Lee Hi. I believe it was one Superstar K2. He didn’t win but that’s okay. He’s now under one of the best companies in the kpop industry.

So this song is not what I was expecting. I never saw any of his previous performances so I assumed that he would be typical YG but NO HE WAS NOT!!! He is a rocker!!! I was not expecting that. Nor can I fully wrap my head around this concept. YG was Rap/Rock but this guy is just rock. I’m really anticipating what he does in the future since he is supposed to debut with a group in the future.

The song is super mellow but has its moments of strength. It makes me think of 90’s soft rock. It’s really nice and sounds pretty genuine. You can feel his emotion in the song and I think that means a lot. For him to be a rookie he has enormous talent but that’s a given at YG.

I’m really looking forward to him. A lot. He is a ’94 liner so I can actually think he is cool and not feel like an old lady. Being a noona fan is not fun…. T.T


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