Ladies Code: Hate U

8 Aug

My girls are back! I really loved their song ‘Bad Girl’ so I hope they’ve only improved with their comeback ‘Hate U”….Well I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed with this song.  Their debut song ‘Bad Girl’ was good. Really really good.  I would walk around campus singing the chorus like I was giving a performance. If I’m being truthful I sung (tried to sing)  the whole song like that. I loved the song. Still do. So I had high expectation from this comeback. For me, this fell a bit flat.

I felt like this song was just them singing Hate U, Hate U over and over again. I hope there is more to look forward to than this on the mini album. The whole song was very simple and there could have been more. Their debut was a powerful and had it not been for Lush, they would have been my favorite female rookies of the year.  The song itself isn’t bad. Far from it, but it isn’t what I expected from the,m. I wanted more.  Vocally this song is great. If it had come from anyone else I would have been one the floor with love but from them I wanted just a bit more. Especially something that showcases Sojung’s voice more. Her voice is powerful and different, it reminds me of Lee Hi in a way. But here it was kept really low key.

It’s not all bad. I don’t dislike the song. Not at all. I just wish there was more substance. That being saying there are good parts. The harmonies are quite skillful so I wonder how they’ll pull them off live. I doubt this will be their comeback song. Probably more like a pre-release if anything.

The music video is creepy. I’m not particularly into dolls. I saw Dead Silence as a child and it scarred me for life.  If you haven’t seen it watch it. Now that I’m older I’m not as freaked out by it, but the damaged has already been done. Anywho.  It was very odd but in a cool way. I don’t think I can recall any idol group who has had this concept. Feel free to comment if you can recall a group who has.  But it was different. I got a lot of Miss Havisham from the table scene; Great Expectations reference for those who don’t know.  That vibe was running throughout the whole video now that I think about it.

Overall, not bad but it could have been better. It is a really nice song but I hope their next release from the mini album showcases more of their vocal talent along with dance.

I think I’m just not a fan of mellow songs. It has to be done a certain way for me to like it. That’s the only conclusion I can come up with.



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