Gain feat Bumkey-Fxxk U

28 Jan

So…… There are things I want to say about this video but I really don’t even know where to begin…


Gain is always on another level when it comes to her solo stuff. It’s always sexy in a n erotic way so that was to be expected going into the song as well as the video. This though was…. I don’t even know. The video opens and his head is nearly between her thighs and he is rubbing his face on them and it’s a lot. Basically throughout the video he is trying to get into her pants and she is not having any of that. Once I watched the video again with English captions I was correct in my suspicion.

Apparently this song is about a relationship in which the man wants to take things to the next level by getting intimate but the woman doesn’t want to, fearing that if she does he will simply leave her. So she insists that they can have a relationship without the sex. Love isn’t just about sex. It is a concept that is getting lost nowadays. There a people who believe that in order to show you are truly committed to someone you must have sex with them or be physically intimate in some way. Why can’t it just be about getting to know one another? There is no need to rush into things. He was trying to convince her but she was not ready and he was throwing all kinds of reasons as to why they should. But he should have respected her decision and waited for her instead of trying to use his power of coercing. I think that is a powerful message that a lot of people might overlook because the video is so overly dramatic that a lot of that message is essentially lost. It’s a good message and I applaud her for making a song like that.

The main reason I even listened to this song was for Bumkey. I love his voice so much it’s really a problem how much I love his voice. He was singing about how they were in love so deep so they would be fine. They might as well go ahead and get intimate. He was trying to woo her and he was wooing me! Their voices matched in an unexpected way. I didn’t think it would end well but it did surprisingly. Namely because her voice is light and his has so much color. I need for him to release more solo stuff. I wonder how she is going to perform this live. Will Bumkey be there? Will her performance not be rated 19? It really is a mystery at this point. It’s all up in the air. But it is interesting to think about. I’ll be sure to come back and post about it when I see a live performance but for now here is the video.


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