EXO M: Overdose- The MV

7 May

EXO has finally returned to the entertainment world with their music video and mini album! It was well worth the wait. If they didn’t make the fans wait for unbearable amounts of time it would be EXO.


My love for EXO M will never waver. They aren’t actually my favorite group but many would think that they are from the way that I rant and rave about them. They are really phenomenal in my opinion. I know lots of people get upset when people think about EXO in split teams, EXO M and EXO K. That’s the way SM chooses to market them so I have to go along with it. EXO M just has something special about them that draws me to them. EXO K is wonderful in their own right but there is something about EXO M. Maybe it’s the composition of people. I don’t know, but whatever it is I like it.

So this music video. I love it. No question about it. As soon as I heard the first snippets of the song I knew that I would be in love. They never fail to disappoint me and they blew my expectations out of the park.  TAO WAS ON THE GROUND AND XIUMIN WAS BALANCING ON HIS FEET. Sorry for the caps there but come on, that was pretty cool. The video never let up after that. Everything about it was wonderful except for one thing. Chen and that LL Cool J reject look they gave him. Don’t get me wrong, I love Chen. Without a doubt he is my favorite member of EXO M and pretty darn close to being my #1 bias. But you can’t deny he looked like an extra from a LL Cool J music video.

Let’s not forget to throw Luhan in this mix of WTF outfits. He looked like he had on rags but all that was forgotten for me when he did that thrust 2 seconds after he first got on-screen. Who decided to make Luhan look like a bad boy? Let me love you and hug you forever.

death hug

The dance was without a doubt a highlight, as it usually is with EXO. The beginning had some jump rope type dance but that was ok in my book because I could learn it. I loved the whack-a-mole scene in the dance where half of the members are on the floor and the other half are just whacking them, albeit not for real. TOO funny. But my favorite was the hip/pelvis dance. It’s not often that this happens in KPOP so when it does I go ballistic (no pun intended). I watched their entire video and then had to jump over to EXO K’s video just to watch them do that part. SM split the video between the two groups. Some parts featured EXO M the others EXO K. So really you had to watch both to get a full video for either. But that was ok because it was worth it. They look so cool! *swoons*

I saw them perform this live way before the video was released and it was magnificent. Just flawless. They are so wonderful.

Be sure to check out my Overdose mini album review. It’ll be up later today!


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