EXO M: Overdose- The Mini Album

10 May

So the time has come. The mini album is upon us.

exo_m_overdose_wallpaper_by_anniself-d7e689oI make no secret that my love for EXO M is stronger than my love for EXO K. So this review will mainly be about EXO M’s version since that’s the version I have. I was going to do them in order of my favorites but that’s hard because all of the songs are very good. I have one standout favorite but I couldn’t choose after that. They all tie. So without further ado….

1. Overdose

As soon as I heard this song I knew there was a change afoot. Gone was adorable little EXO. They were going for something a tad bit sexier and I liked it. That steady percussion-esque sounds coupled with the hand claps made me fall in love with this song in no time at all. The layers on the bridge and the great placement of the English words made this a delight. The entire bridge was basically English and that meant more sing along time. But I can’t forget to mention Xiumin’s rap. I was NOT prepared. I thought it would be Kris and Tao but Xiumin had lines on the verse….I’m happy.

2. Moonlight

This song has me feeling some type of way. Remember earlier when I said they were breaking away from cute EXO? This song literally took what I said and ran with it. It’s so sexy but I know for a fact that they aren’t talking about anything remotely sexual. I had to look up the lyrics because I really wasn’t sure. This is a main vocal line song. I know Lay and Xiumin are considered vocalists but this song was reserved for the “main main” vocalists of the group. Well, lead and main vocal. It was wonderful and I think they are incredible. After the three-minute mark I threw my hands in the air because I could not deal with Chen and his wonderful high notes. I wasn’t ready. His higher register was light and piercing (pierced right through my heart). It was just beautiful.

3. Thunder

Without a doubt my favorite song on the album. There is no competition. None. Before this song Baby Don’t Cry was my favorite song by EXO. This song blew that out of the water. I never thought I would say that but it’s happened. I think it’s because of the sensuality of the song. It was perfect before it even hit 30 seconds. Everyone in the group had singing lines. EVERYONE. Let that sink in. Tao and Kris sang. That’s a big deal, at least in my mind.I mean granted they weren’t singing high notes from goodness knows where but they still sang a bit. I’m very impressed. It is just all around a great song.

4. Run

It reminds me of something but I can’t really figure it out. It sounds like a song by another SM artist. It’s been bugging me for a while. But until I can figure it out I’ll say it’s on the same vibe as Henry’s Holiday. It’s a cute song to take away from the serious sexiness that is the rest of the album. It’s super cute and fun. I can easily envision a montage from a tv show or movie unfolding while this is playing in the background. It’s a great summer song.

5. Love, Love, Love

Never one to disappoint, EXO ramps the sexy back up for this song. It’s in the same vein as TVXQ’s Maximum for me. They had a traditional beat but with a modern mix. This song does that as well but on the sexy side. Kris and Tao had some super sexy raps. I didn’t know Kris was capable of that level of sexiness. I knew Tao could do it but Kris surprised me. Of course the vocals for this song were phenomenal. They gave the right parts to the right people. This song was the right way to close off the album. A promise of more sexiness to come.

BONUS: Overdose (EXO Version)

If the physical version of the album was purchased then there are 6 tracks. The last track is an all member version of Overdose. So basically this version is the one that was in the music video. So there will be the EXO M only version and the EXO as a whole version.

I’m so glad that EXO is breaking away from their cutesy mold. They are starting to sound more and more adult as time passes. This sudo R&B genre that they have found themselves in is where they need to stay. This gives all of the voices in the group a solid field. The main vocals total excel in this style. I listened to the K versions of some of the songs and this confirmed my thoughts (especially concerning D.O.). They have more freedom to sing in their natural style.

I would love for them to do a song that includes the two main vocalists of each group. Miracles in December didn’ t count. I need a song with Chen, Luhan, D.O. and Baekhyun.  If such a song exists please let me know. I need it.

I can’t wait to hear them sing this album live, especially Thunder. It will be breathtaking and I will melt. I’m certain of it. The album is in my eyes their best to date. The level of maturity from Growl to now is outstanding. They were toying with R&B in Growl and I’m glad to see that they took a more definitive step in that direction. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do in the future.



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