f(x)- Red Light

3 Jul

Finally!!! It’s been almost a year. At any rate, I’m glad that f(x) has returned to the kpop scene with a scorching summer hit!

fx red light groupYay! f(x) is finally having a comeback. Now I understand those odd Instagram posts from Amber. No I take that back. I never understand what she is doing on her IG. Anyhoo, f(x) came back with a full length album entitled Red Light. I had no idea it was time for their comeback. I was on Tumblr and some one post about it and then boom it was out! I watched the video a couple of times I’ve got to say I’m proud of them. You can watch the music video here.

F(x) is one of those groups who suffers from being the “somewhere in the middle child”. They aren’t quite the youngest nor are they the oldest. They are simply there. This means they don’t get as much attention as I believe they should. They are so talented and this comeback shows it.

First off, I still have no idea what the concept is about. It super in your face symbolism but I have no clue what it all means.

Oooo look a burning book. Speak to me burning book! Tell me the secrets of the universe...No? Ok

Oooo look a burning book. Speak to me burning book! Tell me the secrets of the universe…No? Ok


I’m so glad the girls don’t look like their clothes came from the rubbish bin. Any one that is an f(x) knows most of the time they get the absolute weirdest clothes and they usually look ill-fitting. That time is over! Now they actually look cute in their outfits. Especially at the end when they all had variation on suits. It was super cut and I was very pleasantly surprised. I was prepared from some neon tom foolery but I got muted colors and proper fits. I’m okay with that. Seriously look at these close up shots:

fx luna fx krystsl





fx amber

fx victoria fx  sulli






These close-ups look so fierce. These head accessories look so awesome. I couldn’t get them to look right on me but man they look so cool. Just goodness me oh my!

One thing does bother me though. Does Krystal remind anyone else of the chick from Kill Bill with the eye patch? Her name is Elle Driver. Let me know in the comments if you see the similarity… I think it’s there. Maybe I’m seeing things from lack of sleep.

fx kill bill real fx kill bill look











The song itself is at an 89/100 for me. It would be higher but I’m just not feeling the chorus. I don’t know why but it just doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the song in my opinion. I just don’t really dig it. But the rest of the song is super BAWSE! It’s just so great. I was not really expecting anything this fab from them. I usually like their songs but this just set the bar really high. It would be hands down my favorite but that chorus gets in the way. It just doesn’t fit for some reason. But I love the bridge right before it. I think the chorus sounds a bit too happy in this otherwise sassy song.

I’ve been perusing the comments and Tumblr and I saw that this was originally sung by someone else so naturally I had to go listen to the original version to compare. This is the first time I didn’t know the original/demo before hand. With SHINee’s Juliette I knew it was Corbin Bleu’s Deal With It because I used to love that man. With Girl’s Generation it was Ke$ha’s Run Devil Run (the jury is still out on which one I like more).  So I went on the hunt to find the demo by Megan Cottone and man I was seriously proud of f(x). They kept a lot of the sassy feel that is in the original version. It’s pretty good for them. With that being said, I’m still in love with the chorus on either versions. The part of the chorus works on the original version but it’s out of place on the f(x) one. But I like the bridge on the f(x) version. Overall, I’m proud of the ladies. I really want them to have some original comeback songs that aren’t purchased versions of other people. SM is super large and they have tons of composers (I’m looking at you Andrew Choi) so I’m sure they can give the ladies something original for their next comeback. Super Junior and SHINee are preparing for a comeback according to Donghae’s Instagram so if they have something original I’m gonna be a little salty.

I like that dance. It’s nothing complicated as per usual. I still want them to have  a bit more to do in terms of working the floor. Everyone else has super complex dances. I want to know why f(x) always get the short end of the stick.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the concept. It’s dark and edgy and SASSY!!! I love that they aren’t making them look like life-size dolls anymore and keeping them dressed like drunk toddlers. They are finally looking like grown ups and it’s great. It’s sexy to and it just makes me happy to think that my girls are all grown up. (I’m pretty sure they are all older than me so I have no clue why I call them my girls).

The jury is out on this song until I see the live stage. I can’t commit to it until I see them perform it. I really just want to see the full dance. I bet it’s probably wicked cool. Just the little snippets from the video look awesome.


When the album is released I’ll listen to the entire thing but up until that point I’ll be content with the live stages that *fingers crossed* will hopefully possess all of the energy from the music video.


2 Responses to “f(x)- Red Light”

  1. jetstar July 3, 2014 at 1:26 PM #

    hmmm i think the choreography is quite complex, compared to electric shock, pinocchio and hot summer and your average girl groups.

  2. Coolbooknotes.com July 11, 2014 at 4:37 AM #

    I like this blog

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