Wait What? Crush- Hug Me

3 Jul

So I’m a little late on my posting. This was originally supposed to go up on Wednesday but I missed my own deadline. T.T I had a good reason though! I was sick. But now that I am better I decided to go ahead and post this article. More after the jump! Ps. It’s about Crush!

Because of  Crush I decided to create a series called “Wait, What?” It’ll come out every Wednesday and it’ll talk about artists that I find in kpop or songs that I just think need more recognition. But anyway on to the article!

So I was just minding my own business scrolling aimlessly through my YouTube home page when I stumbled upon this MV entitled, Hug Me. I decided to give it a try because I had nothing else to do. (Well that’s a lie. I was supposed to be working but…. I got distracted)  I clicked on the video  not really knowing what to expect. Well ok. I thought it would a low-budget thing not really worthy of my time. It wasn’t from a super big idol company so I had modest hopes. I will never judge 1theK, formerly known as Loen, ever again. They are a distributer of music and I am so glad that they are. Otherwise I would not have found this man.

I'll hug you!

I’ll hug you!

Crush is technically a rookie even though he’s been featured in many songs. He just had his official début this year with his song Hug Me. He is an R&B artist. Not like how some companies try to say their artist falls into a genre and really that’s not the case. No. Crush is really an R&B artist. I listened to the song and within the first 30 seconds I was squealing like a teenager. It was ridiculous.

This guy has serious skills. His voice is smooth like a hot knife going through butter. I didn’t watch the video the first time through because I was still trying to be productive at work but I couldn’t fight it anymore. I had to watch it and I was not disappointed. First off, he is attractive as all get out. Seriously. Wonderful. Secondly, he can sing. I know I already said that but I don’t think you guys understand what I am trying to say here. He is really talented. His voice isn’t like a lot of people who I’ve heard in the industry. He has a true style and I like that. He can do other things but his voice is so R&B and I dig that.  Thirdly, he can dance.

I was unprepared for what he was capable of. Now when I say dance I don’t mean B-Boying or tricking or any of the other stuff that idols now a days do. I mean just good ‘ol smooth ride the beat dancing. He’s dancing enough to where it looks nice and fills up space but also not so intensely that he can’t sing at the same time.

Now when I watch music videos I usually want to learn the group choreo meaning the individuals singing the song. That being said I actually wanted to learn the back up dancers parts in this video. Crush had lady back up dancers and they were just doing everything right in my opinion. They were doing body rolls. BODY ROLLS.



And it actually looked cool.  All of the dancing in this music video looked good. It was smooth and sexy. It fit the song which sometimes doesn’t happen in KPOP. Sometimes artist get so caught up in trying to make a cool dance that they don’t care that they can barely sing and dance at the same time. I like that this was different.

Crush had a feature on this song. Rapper Gaeko of Dynamic Duo lended his talent to the song and I was pleasantly surprised. I’d heard him before but I never really paid attention because … well I don’t really know.  I need to start paying attention to him more and actually find some of his music. It is great.

There are two versions of the music video. The classic KPOP dance video which was the first one I saw, which you can watch here. It’s the one with the body rolls and such. Crush is wearing a super cool red jacket that I totally want.

Isn't that red jacket super cool?!?

Isn’t that red jacket super cool?!?

Really it’s awesome. And it’s practical. He isn’t wearing clothes that he can’t actually dance in/would never be caught dead in outside of an MV. The dance is so cool and everyone looks so stylish and COMFORTABLE! It’s pretty awesome.

The second version of the MV is the street version, which is the one that has  a bit of a story line. Notice I said a bit. It’s mostly a change of scenery and shots of him and Zion T, whom I love. I need to do a post on him but let me not get distracted from the subject at hand. This version has him looking even more awesome and has him awkwardly lip singing but it’s ok. He looks great so I’ll let this slide. You can watch that version here.

Look at him in his street wear! Street version clothes

Look at him in his street wear! Street version clothes.

There is really only thing that bothers me about the song. It’s not even really bothersome. It’s a quirk that I can’t over look and it actually makes me love the song that much more. The song is called Hug Me. H-U-G  M-E. When he sings the song, it sounds an awful lot like F-*-*-K  ME. Listen to it. I’m so serious. Even the comments say the same thing. It’s a pronunciation thing but it makes the song sound that much more sexual even though that’s not intentional (or is it???) But it’s still a great song.

As a result of listening to the song I of course had to listen to his album, Crush on You. Sweet mother of pizza that album is so good. It’s very clearly an R&B album. There is no genre flittering and it’s beautiful. He knows his strengths and delivers on them well. The entire album is great but there are few songs that for me are just super stand outs:# 3. Hey Baby and #9. Give it to Me feat Jay Park and Simon D.

Hey Baby is reminiscent of Michael Jackson and it’s beautiful. I really can’t even describe it. It’s just so great. It’s got this beat box going throughout and then Zion T is a feature and it’s great. Just listen to it. I really can’t even say anything outside of this. It’ll get you grooving that’s for sure. You can listen to it here.

Give It To Me is one of the few kpop songs that sounds like it’s talking dirty and it really is. That song is just pure sexiness. As soon as I saw Jay Park was on it I was convinced that it would be indecent, and I was correct. The moment the song started it was too sexy. He had sexy vocalizations and I was unprepared. This will probably be one of the most played songs from the album. It’s so great. It’s got that true sexy R&B feel and it was something I didn’t know I needed from KPOP. The features were spectacular. Simon D was sexier than I thought he could be. It was just all around great. There isn’t a single thing I’d change about the song. Everything about it is flawless. You can listen to it here. You won’t be disappointed.

Since the above two songs I should list a song where he sings by himself. This album is feature heavy but I like all his choices. The first song on the album, I Fancy You, is really great and you can listen to it here. It sets the tone for the album. You can hear the soul in his voice and I love it. It sounds very genuine and I found myself singing along after he said the chorus the first time. I’ve never tried to learn a kpop song so fast in my whole time as a kpop fan. I think it’s because this song is just a vocal paradise. That he wrote. Oh yea. Did I forget to mention that he writes and produces his own stuff. This guy is so talented. And cool. Just look at this pose.

This pose just screams, "I'm a cool guy."

This pose just screams, “I’m a cool guy.”

I’ve gone on and on about this guy and you should probably just listen to him for yourself. You won’t regret it. I’m serious…


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