Infinite- Back

21 Jul

Infinite is back with their song back and I have to say…..I’m back on board as an Inspirit. Too corny? Ah well. infinite-be-back

Infinite was the first group that I had the chance to follow from debut when I got into KPOP. They were my favorites and over the years I’ve stood by them as a loyal INSPIRIT. Even when other groups came along I was firm in my love and then…. I abandoned them. *cue Jay Park singing abandoned*

After Last Romeo I just stopped caring about them. Last Romeo just wasn’t my cup of tea and that made me just leave them. I couldn’t even watch their variety shows… Thinking back on this it sounds really horrible. I thought Shower was ok but it still didn’t tickle my fancy HOWEVER when I heard Back I knew this would be the song to bring me back to them. And it was.

When I watched the trailer I thought man this sounds awesome and I like it way more than their last songs but that didn’t mean I was hooked. Then after seeing the second trailer I was SUPER excited for the video, though the fight scene made me think of EXO’s Wolf drama video but I have to remember they weren’t the first people to have fights in their video nor will they be the last.

So I was just minding my own business on YouTube when all of a sudden I see “Infinite Comeback.” I was confused because I definitely hadn’t seen the music video yet but I watched it anyway. HOLY SMOKES! It was everything I thought it would be and more. The first part of the song was super slow and set the mood with Sunggyu, Hoya and Woohyun and then someone calls for the drum and it just gets awesome. That beat drop was so intense and wonderful and I can’t even put it all into words. It was really cool.

Once the beat dropped happened they started their Infinite dance. A lot of people were commenting on the video that they are tired of the way that Infinite dances but I love it. It’s great that they have their own dance style that when you see if you know it’s Infinite. It’s sharp and precise and you know they have to work hours upon hours to get everything in sync the way that they do. And it isn’t the same. You can see the growth in their movements from then they started out with Dashi Dorawa (다시돌아와).  It’s a marked different. So no they aren’t doing the same dances over and over again. They have  a style and they are sticking to said style. It works for them.

I did have a favorite dance part, as always with Infinite. The part I’ve started referring to as “pulling the weeds.” I don’t know why I call it that, I really don’t. But it’s my favorite part. Watching it in the mv it looks like they are about to break out into some West Side Story choreography. Maybe I should call that part West Side Story. Done. I mean look at it? Is it not freaking awesome. You can watch the MV here.

infinite 1 infinite 2 infinite 3 infinite 4

Now that that is out of the way can we talk about Dongwoo. A little back story. He and Hoya were my biases at first but then Hoya started getting more singing parts so then he became my main bias.  Dongwoo, that dork, has been getting more and more attractive with each comeback. I remember at first I didn’t like him because his teeth seemed to big for his face but he keeps growing into his features and it makes him that much more attractive. But no matter how attractive he got Hoya still sang so I didn’t have to worry even though Dongwoo tried to seduce me with his deep rapping voice. But that was all blown to bits when Dongwoo decided that he was going to freaking sing in this song. He had a whole bridge part and it was BEAUTIFUL. The moment he opened his mouth on that part I said out loud to my empty room, “That doesn’t sound like anyone. It better not be Dongwoo.” The camera moved and sure enough it was Dongwoo. Right then and there my bias list was shot to heck and back. But no matter it had to happen at some point.

Now that I think about it, everyone that doesn’t usually sing had more lines than usual but the balance didn’t sound off at all. Sungjong and Sungyeol had parts as well and I was so proud. Gosh this group has grown so much it’s crazy.

Honestly, this is probably one of the most consistent groups in kpop. They make their music and it works. A lot of the new groups, I’ve noticed, try to go above and beyond and do all these crazy things *looking at you B.A.P.* but if they just focus on the music I think it’ll be okay.

I’ll leave you with the group being their usual dorky selves.





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