As One- For the Night

6 Nov

So I’d never heard of this group before but Jaewoong from Troy was on the thumb nail so I clicked on it. Boy am I glad I did.

as one cover pic

Why have I never heard of this group before? I guessing it’s because they aren’t from big time idol companies so they don’t have super international presence but they should. Their voices remind me of 90’s R&B. They just take me back. I’m so glad I made the jump from just main stream kpop to other aspects of Korean music.

As One is a duo that sings primarily R&B and on this track they sure do deliver. I haven’t heard more than this song but their bio says they’ve been active for 15 years and have over 200 songs so they must be doing something right. Apparently two months prior they made a song called All Day All Night featuring Kanto of Troy. I for sure need to look it up. Hopefully this song wasn’t a marked departure from their style.

The song itself is phenomenal. It has that smooth 90’s groove to it. It actually made me think of Tevin Campbell’s Can We Talk. It reminds me of it for some reason. For the Night has a sultriness to it that isn’t readily present from most mainstream kpop. When I think of recent songs that have a similar vibe I am hard pressed to think of something. I can think of songs that have this vibe but they aren’t singles from idol groups. Nothing has such a readily apparent sexiness.

That might be what really makes this song stand out in my mind. It’s about a one night stand essentially. They aren’t alluding to one thing with the tone of the song but really talking about something else. Everything fits and it works beautifully.

That being said I might as well talk about the video since I’m here. You can watch said video here.

Sweet goodness. Just wonderful.

The video is about this housekeeper who wants to sleep with her sexy boss. That’s pretty much the jist of the entire video but the concept behind it is pretty great. They set up the back story so that we get to see the dynamic between the two of them (you can cut the sexual tension with a knife) and it is really intriguing to watch it all unfold.

The most shocking thing about the entire video is the level of sexuality in it. I’m by no means freaked out by it but I am genuinely surprised. The most sexual video I’ve seen thus far is probably something Jay Park related a Ga In video. I’m thinking of F**k U. Nevertheless, this video shocked me in the intensity. There was a bed scene that looked like there was actual passion. WARNING: SEMI-GRAPHIC MATERIAL BELOW.

This is how it starts

This is how it starts

Seems pretty tame minus the outfit.

Seems pretty tame minus the outfit.

Shy hands so it's still acceptable under the barest of kpop standards

Shy hands so it’s still acceptable under the barest of kpop standards

Well now we might be crossing the kpop line

Well now we might be crossing the kpop line

Oh his shirt is gone....

Oh his shirt is gone….

Slow pan up. His hand is in a place

Slow pan up. His hands are in a place

What kissing and touching? We've left kpop.

What? Kissing AND touching? We’ve left kpop.

Passionate kissing and touching?!?! Grab your pitchforks.

Passionate kissing and touching?!?! Grab your pitchforks.

That’s some good acting on the part of the videos lead actors.

I haven’t been into kpop since the dawn of Seo Taiji and H.O.T but I know that this video can’t be the first of it’s kind.  I’m glad that it’s out though because I truly did enjoy the song and the fact that they actually sound good. It was a ploy of sorts to get views but it works because it goes with the song. If it didn’t it would be a different story.

I’m really proud of kpop for stepping out of the typical box and doing something different. I don’t know if you can actually consider Brand New Music kpop but for my purposes I suppose they can be. It’s a grey area. The Korean music videos in general that I’ve watch haven’t had anything that sexual in a while. This could have been a cute video of people pining for each other in an office setting or something in those veins. They took the effort to do something different and I’m grateful for them pushing the envelope. Shirtless Jaewoong never hurt anyone. He isn’t my favorite member in Troy but I still appreciate him.


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