HI SUHYUN – I’m Different feat Bobby

11 Nov

I was prepared for greatness when I heard about the song. I was not disappointed. Not in the slightest.

So this song in my eyes was a distraction from the fact that YG destroyed my life by adding Chanwoo over Jinhyeong in Mix and Match.I knew that would be the outcome yet I wasn’t prepared but I digress.



These two are the most flawless new addition to YG. I don’t care what anyone says. At their age their voices are so polished and so great that I feel so less than and I’m older than them.*wipes sad tear* I’ve been a fan since I saw them on their respective seasons of KPOP Star. I knew they would do great things and I was right.

From listening to them separately you wouldn’t assume that they’d make a great duo. If you’d been watching Mix & Match you might’ve thought it would be Hana but no I knew. Listen to Akdong Musician’s Melted. Go on I’ll wait. That song right there was the song that made me thing she should make a song with Lee Hi. I don’t like when there is  a clearly stronger person singing with someone not on their level. That was not the case with these two. Lee Hi for sure has a more powerful voice, but that’s for her genre. Soohyun has a powerful voice for her genre as well. The only needed the perfect track to combine their areas of specialty and that would be enough to create magic.  That’s what this track is: magic.

The blend that they have is undeniable. When I first heard it was actually kind of speechless. I knew it would be great but I didn’t realize just how great it would be.

This actually the dance I'm doing at work to this song right now.

This actually the dance I’m doing at work to this song right now.

It was really one of the best songs out of kpop that I’ve heard all year. Actually, just one of the best songs that I’ve heard all year no matter what language. The beat and that old sound just makes me wanna dance. But I just wanna ride in a car with sunglasses bobbing my head. That band sound is what does it.

The chorus where they do the whoas is so addictive. Just everything about this song is great. The part separation is beautiful. Each person has their part to shine and they shine around each other. It’s great. Just ugh. I honestly can’t stop thinking about how great it is. I’m listening to it one repeat as I write this and I keep hearing parts that I love in the song. Everything is just the bomb.

tony jericho explosion

Bobby is featured in the song and I love myself some Bobby. When I first saw him on WIN I knew he was my bias. He has a great voice that has a certain grittiness to it that I adore. It fit really well within in this song. I’m sad that he didn’t have more of a part but then I remember that this is Lee Hi and Soohyun and I honestly don’t care anymore. Their voices are just that perfect to me that I honestly don’t care about it. I can’t even be mad about it.

They are the future of kpop. It’s a big claim to make but I think it’s a very valid. They possess a musicality that I haven’t seen from other artists debuting. If I compare them to SM’s new group Red Velvet there is no comparison. They simply outshine those girls on every level when it comes to vocals.I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for that but hey, it’s my blog therefore my opinion. There are certain things I look for in terms of singers and uniqueness is a key factor. I like knowing who I’m listening to when I turn on a song. I can do that with these to and it’s refreshing.

Honestly listen to the song, which you can do so here. It’s not up on any official link yet. If they make a video then I will for sure switch the link out but for now enjoy the song.


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