History- Might Just Die (죽어버릴지도 몰라)

21 May

The rise of the pelvis continues with History’s latest comeback, Might Just Die. This group is determined to get more attention and with the moves they displayed in the video they’ve acquired a legion of new fan girls.

With their last song, Psycho, the unleashed some serious pelvic thunder. It was miles above their début song but not just for the moves. Vocally, their début was the best thing to date, however, it just didn’t really connect with. The year of their début, 2013, was a lack luster year in terms of rookies. The real stand outs to me were, BTS (of course), Ladies Code and Bestie. The rest caught my attention later, but their debuts were not that great. I had really high hopes for LC9 but I’m getting off track.

Psycho was what connected them to a wider audience. Yea, their début track had some narration by IU but other than that it was so blah. Psycho changed all that will some sweet vocals AND pelvic movement, I mean, dance moves.

history psycho pelvis

With Might Just Die, they continue the trend of pelvic sorcery and they get right on into Chris Brown, Take You Down territory towards the end. They just want to be the sexy group at this point.

history abs

On the first watch I was so distracted by the mv that I didn’t really hear the song so I had to listen to it with another tab up. It’s got some great beats. The orchestration is really nice so if they decide to do a stripped down version ala C-Clown’s Far Away Young Love, it’ll be great. That’s what want now. I think it’ll be so cool. They can slow down the tempo and everything. Ugh, it’ll be fantastic.

I don’t really know any of the members names because the group isn’t a priority for me but I feel like everyone did great. The only thing that will stop me from having this on repeat is the breathing; the very heavy breathing. It feels like a third of the song is someone breathing heavily. I’ll throw it in rotation every now and again but it won’t be a constant feature on my playlist for the day. Though, more I listen to it, the more I like it, which is a great thing in a song. Other than that it was a solid effort and I’m really happy with this comeback.


I for sure am going to have to update this after they release the performance version because I need to see the full dance and the live to really judge it accordingly. But mostly I just want to see if they do even more crazy stuff with their dancing.


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