Jooyoung- WET feat SuperBee

8 Sep


Long time no see. Long time no see!

Jooyoung who gave you the right to just appear and destroy everything and everyone like this? Starship why are you doing this to us mere mortals?

Jooyoung is one of my favorite solo artists. Something about his voice is just so…indescribable. When I saw that he was having a comeback I was completely unprepared. In fact I didn’t even know about it until 3 days later. That’s forever in kpop time. His previous work was fantastic. He’s had several successful collaborations most notably Erase with Hyorin, and ‘0’ YOUNG, a song with Giriboy, MadClown and the boys from the show No.Mercy (survival show for future members of the group now known as MONSTA X). He is a force to be reckoned with. Just wait until he takes off. But enough about that. Let’s talk about this song.

Jooyoung always has such a soulful sound and this time is no different. WET has a dark room, single light, satin sheets type of feel. He is attempting to put you deep inside your feelings on this song and he has succeeded. It’s a very mellow song that is just ripe with vocal seduction. He hits his falsetto’s at just the right moment for the correct amount of emphasis. He seems to be effortlessly producing a track designed to be constantly replayed. The beat itself doesn’t any points where it would become more intense and require for him to start doing vocal aerobatics. It just coasts along and doesn’t seem to full of itself which is a rare feat these days. It is a testament to great production and a great artist.

Deserving of his own paragraph is the one and only SuperBee. If you go the official video and keeps your ears open for SuperBee, you’ll be highly upset. Not only does he not make an appearance in the music video, he’s also completely not in the song. But have no fear. The regular version with him in it is available and it sounds just as amazing, actually better than the version without him. Sometimes I forget that the master diss battle rapper I grew to love from SMTM4 was born in ’94. He sounds so much younger than he actually is and it’s kind of funny. But his verse was fire as per usual. I would expect nothing less from him. He really is good with his lyrics. My favorite two lines from his verse because they make me laugh: Stickier than natto at a Japanese restaurant and Before the lady next door knocks on our door let’s smash whoo!

You can tell this song is just chalk full of innuendos but it’s okay. It actually adds to the song. It’s not as raunchy as Jay Park (before people come after me I love Jay Park). It just has this vibe that allows you to keep listening to it.

The video isn’t super remarkable. It has Bora from Sistar in it. She’s covered in water Flash dance style in the middle where SuperBee’s part should be. You’ll hear a weird jump on that part. They tried to make it smooth but it wasn’t, at least not to me. Jooyoung and Bora are the main actors in this and at the end they get all touchy feely.

Look at all that closeness.

Look at all that closeness.

Other than that it’s nothing spectacular.It’s got some great camera work but it wasn’t groundbreaking or anything like that. No dancing from him either 😦

Clavicle! Look at that impassioned lip syncing. LAWD.

Clavicle! Look at that impassioned lip syncing. LAWD.

He’s eye candy for sure. Those tattoos!

jay park jooyung

This is for sure a smash. If you were sleeping on it before wake up! This is gold.


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