About Me

Who Am I :

I’m a driven girl just trying to make it out here in this cruel world. That’s what you want to hear isn’t it? Truth is I’m a short (under 5feet) 19 year old Georgia native who just happens to be pop culture fanatic and I want to share all of my findings with all of you.

My Website Goal:

Motor Mouth Says is here to bring you quality KPOP reviews and musings all from my noggin.  This all comes with a side helping of K-Drama and Movie  reviews, along with the occasional sprinkle of commentary. Hopefully some powerful executive will stumble across my website and give me my own tv show. Yes, this is wishful thinking. I desperately hope that it will happen though. 🙂

My Likes:


This is not limited to the Pop music that comes out of S.Korea. Oh no no no. All of the music be it rap, rock or even trot. Yes I did say trot music. I love it all. Well mostly all of it. That should be pretty self explanatory since I’ve made this website which talks about Korean Music.

My Favorite Groups/Idols

    • MBLAQ
    • BIG BANG
    • 2NE1
    • Lee Hi
    • FT Island
    • EXO
    • Shinhwa
    • Rain
    • EXID
    • Spica
    • RaNia
    • Jay Park

There are tons more groups that I like but I just didn’t include them. This post can’t be six pages long folks.

Well now that you have that little tidbit about me, why don’t you mosey on over to the actual website.

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