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Ladies Code: Hate U

8 Aug

My girls are back! I really loved their song ‘Bad Girl’ so I hope they’ve only improved with their comeback ‘Hate U”…. Continue reading


Lush: 초라해지네(Miserable)

26 Jul

This is without a doubt my favorite Rookie group of the year. They are what Rookies should aspire to be.  Continue reading

Kang Seung Yoon: It Rains

25 Jul

Fresh Meat! More importantly fresh meat from YG! Continue reading

2EYES: Don’t Mess With Me

21 Jun

Another Rookie group for 2013. Each one has been better than the last and hopefully 2EYES will continue that trend with their debut song Don’t Mess With Me.

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BTS: No More Dream

12 Jun

I’ve been following this group since before debut and I’ve been eagerly awaiting what they would produce. To say it was incredible would be an understatement.

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Henry-Trap: A (Mini) Album Review

9 Jun

So as I said earlier Henry is the new male solo artist for SM. I’m very excited for him. I listened to the highlight medley for this album and I can honestly say that I am genuinely looking forward to it. There were some songs that I’m anxious to hear the full versions for.

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Henry: Trap

7 Jun

SM has their hands full of idol groups. No more. The time has finally come for SM to debut a solo artist since it’s been a while. That solo artist is none other than Super Junior M’s adorable maknae, Henry.

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